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FINZEN helps clients achieve their property and finance dreams through its boutique mortgage brokerage and money mindset coaching services.

My Mission

Underpinned by the key pillars of education, preparation and celebration, Finzen Mortgage Broker and Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, Carolina Espinosa, is on a mission to help motivated home buyers and investors create a life they can love through acquiring property with the right home loan and cultivating a positive mindset around money.

The Finzen Difference

It's one thing to secure a home loan. It's quite another to know that you can service that loan comfortably and confidently.

As a valued client of FINZEN, you have access to money mindset coaching to help you make responsible and empowering financial decisions in line with you short and long-term goals.

As a boutique service, I work with you at a time and place convenient to you.

If you're in Sydney, I can meet you in your home or workplace during or after business hours, or if you're anywhere else in Australia, we can meet via Zoom. The good news is, all paperwork can be completed online, making it the convenient way to secure your home loan.


As an experienced property investor, I share your dream of creating wealth through property."

My Vision

We want to see you celebrating money by turning your hard-earned income into a well-earned future and creating a life you can love.

We help you

Master your money mindset

Carolina respects the value of working for money, but it's her understanding of how money can work for you that she believes offers the greatest value to her clients.

When you improve your relationship with money, you can improve your relationship with everyone around you. Positive money traits can lead to greater communication, happiness, and contribution. With money mindset coaching, Carolina can help you achieve the relationship, career, home, and life you dream of.

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Finzen values


We will respect your time, financial situation, needs and goals. Mutual respect is the foundation of genuine harmony.


Our goal is customer satisfaction by delivering quality loan solutions and personalised support along the way.


We promise we will listen to you carefully to understand what matters to you.


We love being truthful. It gives us peace of mind. We promise high ethical business standards.


We believe in positive outcomes despite challenging situations. We promise to support you with a positive, proactive approach to finding a solution.

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