Mortgage Advice from Carolina Espinosa at FINZEN

With a commitment as big as buying a house, you want to be certain you are making informed decisions at every step of the way.

Everything from where to buy, what type of property to go for, to the type of home loan interest rate to go for and your repayment schedule requires careful consideration.

Especially in the case of your home loan – even though you may be able to change it further down the track, this can often cost if there are fees attached by the lender.

So how do you make a confident decision about all the different aspects of a loan if you’ve never arranged home finance before?

We think it is a great idea to talk to those who have been here before, the home loan experts – both professionals and those in your own personal acquaintance.

Family and friends

Most people don’t realise it but they are surrounded by people who know lots about home loans – because they have them!

Even if it is hard to admit, perhaps your parents can offer some helpful suggestions on this topic?

If not them, talk to other relatives or friends who have been through the home loan application process and can shed some light for you.

Ask them about their loans and their justifications for the choices they made. Would they have done anything different based on what they now know?


Where Carolina Espinosa from FINZEN can play a role is by helping you to understand your options on the current home finance market.

She can help you to develop a practical understanding of the pros and cons of different home loan scenarios.

That means you can take your ideas and those of others to them and they will help you to decide which is the right path for you to take.